The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.
- Leonardo da Vinci

Post Graduate Diploma in Management Studies

Core modules: Organisational analysis, Business Environment, Marketing Principles: Theory & Practice, Management Accounting, Critical Perspectives on Management.

Electives: International Marketing, Leadership

University of Leicester Crest

University of  Leicester (2015)

MSc Biotechnology

Dissertation: To study the effect of various constitutive promoters on the expression of luxCDABE operon by Real-time PCR.

Problem based learning: Molecular Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology

Taught Modules: Core Molecular Biology & Genes, Proteins and Development

University of Hertfordshire (2008)

BSc Microbiology + Biotechnology

Modules: Recombinant DNA Technology, Medical Microbiology, Bacterial

Genetics, Virology, Immunology, Biochemistry, Industrial Microbiology

University of Mumbai (2002-2006)

Professional qualifications

Lead Auditor ISO 9001:2008 –  Moody International (2009)

Lean Six Sigma – Green Belt –  Asian Institute of Quality Management (2009)

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